Turkish Tales

Catch up time! Alot of driving the last three days and poor internet. How in the world did the disciples and Jesus travel by foot or by mule or horse from place to place over this rugged terrain?

Our only stop Monday was the ruins of the ancient city of Troy. A little Greek mythology: people still question whether this is true or not. The Trojans inside the wall of Troy allowed a huge Trojan horse to be taken inside the wall of Troy by the Greeks. The people of Troy thought the horse was a peace offering but quite the opposite. Soldiers inside the Trojan horse climbed out of the horse once inside the walls to victory.

It was fascinating to see these ruins from a city whose earliest remnants are from 2500 bc. Yes bc. In one area there are remains of sacrificial wells where bodies were sacrificed. It was a solumn moment to envision the sights, sounds, and smells of what happened in this place all those years ago and I found myself grateful for the sacrifice of Jesus to end sacrificial offerings.

Tuesday we journeyed to Pergamum and then to Thyatira. as we listened to the teachings in both of these places my prayer was simple. God, may I not settle and look to others to satisfy me. I worship You and You alone.

Today we started the morning at Smyrna. Unbelievable ruins here with the huge basilica, then on to Sardis where we reflected on how easy it is to compromise and justify and let worldly things take over. We also went to Philadelphia and finally settled into a cool Turkish thermal spa. Pictures aren’t uploading yet due to poor WiFi everywhere. And my brain is full! Hopefully photos soon. Praising God for no sickness and good sleep. The Turkish people remind me of the Greeks. So friendly. Very impoverished. Average household income is only $10,000 US yearly. My massage – only $38 US.

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