Storms in the Sea

I guess if you’re going to spend 10 days studying John and Paul you just as well have some experiences that help you relate closely to them. We spent two days on the Aegean Sea aboard a small cruise ship with raging storms that kept us from going to Patmos. Many people aboard were sick, fortunately, only one of our Pilgrim Tours guests got sick. I thought about Paul as he was shipwrecked to Malta, except he was on a much tinier boat than what we were! It was not a fun day, however we did take a side excursion before landing in Athens when storms settled for a few hours on Santorini and the weather there was beautiful so that was a treat.

We landed in Greece Athens, and there’s much to write about with that! A city that is now 99% Christian where Record numbers of Muslims are converting to Christianity. I will write more about that soon.

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