Our Roots

The last few days have been a flurry of activity. My focus today is on the amazing city of Ephesus-one of my favorite books of the Bible. To see the massive city ruins from the street houses to the Roman bath houses, to the huge Library, and the theater, you’re mind can almost see the people from the city as Paul spread the gospel in the early church. Ephesus, you might remember, is where the riot broke out because the silversmith Demetrius was upset that the people were going to quit buying idols of Artemis and start worshiping God and ruin his business. Our devotions near the library were such a highlight. PT (Pastor Tom from Adventurelife) has such a way of bringing the stories to life with his passion and Spirit led teaching). Oh that I can remember just some of this rich history that takes us back to our roots of Christianity and the early church in the New Testament.

The library in Ephesus – third largest library of antiquity

The streets of the town with their homes
Baptistry in St. John’s Basilica, where John is buried
The day ended stopping by a Turkish rug shop where craftswomen spend months making just one rug. The silk and wool is all hand died, sometimes over 1200 knots per square inch in a rug. They are beautiful – and a dying art.

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