Historical Greece

On Wednesday night this weary pilgrim set foot on American soil once again. Our last two days in Greece were taking in the Acropolis, Areopagus and the Parthenon. Through our amazing bible teachers and the Spirit teaching, the Word comes alive in Acts 17. Probably the most emotional moment for me of the trip was standing on Mars Hill where Paul gave his talk to the Council of Philosophers in v 19-31. Read the text on your own, then look at the pictures below. Two minutes of his talk are in Greek on the side of the hill, but tradition shows that no public speaking person could speak more than six minutes or they were called a babbler. We often think he went on and on and on, but we know he was respectful as a missionary. However, he also spoke truth with boldness.

Verse 24 he talks about man-made temples, with the Parthenon standing tall and majestic on the hill to his side – Very emotional moment.

Always good to be home, now for the processing and resting!!

two minutes of Paul’s teaching in Acts 17
The Parthenon – which would become a Christian Church 500 years after Paul was here
Mars Hill (Greek word is Areopagus)
Our Ridge team along with Pastor Tom from Altoona and our Greek Pilgrim Tour guide.

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