Farewell Turkey

Today we leave the city of Kuşadası where the ancient city of Ephesus lies, and head via cruise ship to Patmos and Crete. Sadly the weather is predicted to be rainy for the next several days so there won’t be much sitting in the ship deck enjoying sunny weather! Our sight seeing will be done under an umbrella.

A few details about Turkey as we leave this country. Average yearly income is $10,000 US. Their political leader is a prime minister and they have 7 political parties with AK as the primary political party; and CHP the primary oppositional party. Interestingly the day we arrived (Sunday) was their Election Day.

Unemployment is around 18%. Tourism is their primary industry. Eastern Turkey grows grain and fruit. Lots of apricots and pistachios grown. Also saw lots of strawberry fields, olives and oranges.

Most of the tension occurs in SE Turkey near Iran. It’s very rugged there so it’s easy for terrorists to hide and there’s no visible border apparent. However, as a whole this country is very peaceful. Crime rate is low, people consume very little alcohol (although they smoke like crazy)! I felt totally safe walking outside by myself last night.  

Notice the color coordinated hilltop
Turkish tea – always in a tulip glass
Turkish rug weaver

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