Thank You Google Translate

In most countries I’ve traveled I’ve had the pleasure of being able to travel with my daughter Nicole who knows enough foreign language, and of course, is fluent in Spanish, so I never have to worry about the language. Actually, I have gotten rather lazy! As I sat this morning and tried to focus on a couple of Turkish words I praise God for my brain, but I also realize that it is difficult for me to focus. They say that people who are musical off and pick up languages more quickly. I’m not sure that’s the case but I’m gonna go with that. So here goes, my goal is to learn at least 10 words over the next few days. And when all else fails, I praise God for Google Translate! No longer the need to carry a book in your backpack. Love it!

Author: jwiemann

I am first a follower of Jesus, second a wife, mom And grandma and a woman God has called to inspire and influence others to follow Christ.

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