One Week and Counting

Last fall I wasn’t really looking for any sort of new adventure to add to my bucket list. Chuck and I had started making plans for what to do in 2019; and there were a few things we were looking at. When Pastor Tom from AdventureLife came into our church with the opportunity to take a study tour I was immediately intrigued. I’ve always loved his enthusiasm and passion; and as we started discussing it and praying about it, I decided to take a bold step and say yes. I was hopeful a friend or two would be able to join me. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and although I’m an extrovert this trip is outside my comfort zone. Still, I know the Lord has much to teach me as I join eight others on this trip. Lots of studying the past two months. In the midst of my studying I was able to prepare a message for the Ridge that was timely and Spirit-led. And as someone who loves studying about Paul, I’m expectant of learning so much on this trip. Visiting many of the places Paul preached at will be such a memorable experience I have no doubt.

As the time ticks, I pray for the Spirit’s leading and the Lord’s protection against illness and crazy travel delays as we count down to leaving March 29. We’ll connect in Houston (with a five hour layover unfortunately), and then on to Istanbul, Turkey. My goal is to post photos and journal the trip here.

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