Long Day Ahead

Today’s the day 9 of us from Des Moines will head out; spend 5 hours laying over in Houston; and then on to Istanbul. I’ve traveled plenty of times abroad but no matter how many tricks I learn, sleeping on the plane is elusive SO, I’ve got my Amazon movies downloaded, my headphones, two pillows, a couple of great books to read, Spotify playlist, and before you know it by 10 pm tomorrow night we should be landing in Istanbul. Love all the prayers – see you in Istanbul!

Author: jwiemann

I am first a follower of Jesus, second a wife, mom And grandma and a woman God has called to inspire and influence others to follow Christ.

2 thoughts on “Long Day Ahead”

  1. Hi Julie,

    I just discovered your blog this morning… in my trash folder! Not sure why google thinks its spam. I hardly ever go into that folder, so glad I did. Looking forward to reading about your adventures each day. Will be praying everyday.

    1. Thanks Deborah. Tomorrow starts into the more intensive Christian study part of our trip. My brain is full and it’s only been two days!!

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